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Should I drop high school regular physics or keep it? I'm horrible at math.?


I'm thinking of dropping physics class. I might be way over my head. I'm really bad at math and I took Alg 2/Trig last year, but I dont think I got a good grasp on it. But, I'm taking Trig right now and I'm a senior. I also think I'm going to go to the medical field, so I will need physics later. But, I'm really bad at math and especially word problems. Should I drop physics?


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    Ask your orientation councelor or teacher (one that you trust) if you can do that course in summer classes or next year, explain that you really need more time than what a regular study schedule allows and you think you'll get a much better result if spread the harder classes over more time. They'll be able to advise you on how to do it and if it's really a good idea.

    I live in Canada so the system may work differently than where you are, but I know people who have done that. And mind that you'll need that physics class before college, so if you delay it it won't be out of your mind for long.

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