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does any body know witch sub wolfer is better JL audiow7 or re xxx mx please answer.?

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    Well for starters the XXX is 72 lbs. and the W7 is 45 lbs. Depending on what kind of wattage you want run the XXX has a PT of 2000 and the W7 is around 1000. XXX-- 83.76 dB SPL......W7--86.2 dB SPL. Both are 2 ohm. Problem with XXX is it only comes in 12, 15, and 18 in. W7 starts at 8 in. and goes to 13.5 in. It comes down to what kind of power are you looking for. The above is based on the 12 in. sub. For these specs I personally would go for the W7, it's lite weight and high power is right in the mid point for cost and sound. And with a slightly higher dB, it might even sound better for a lower wattage speaker.

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    jl is better but you cant forget mtx either.

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