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Which dog breeds that do well at the beach & in condo living?

I live on a Southern CA beach with good swimming coves and hiking trails. Researching dogs that could go with me in the ocean, on kayak and that are very intelligent brought me to the PWD (Portie); however, it also informed me that the dog is fairly rare and the downside of sudden popularity. It was choosen by the Obama's for several of my factors...did not know this.

I live in a calm, low population condo complex at the beach so size and social manner trainability is important.

Yesterday I was swimming and noticed a dog and owner fetching in the surf and riding in the I am back on my trek (I believe her dog is a Golden Retriever).

I am not into dogs with clean after needs (like shedding) but very willing to groom/train and mostly constant in presence; I am a therapist so understand positive training. No children or other pets at home.

Any suggestions for or from those of you who have a small home but are most days outward bound looking for or having found such a companion?

Thanks much for any help, Susan

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    English Bulldogs are good dogs for apartment living. They don't need as much excersice as most dogs and are very smart. Read this.

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