please awnser this question?!!! i need advicee!!?

ok, so there was this guy that liked me a while ago, and he told me he wanted to get to know me, but i wasnt really interested in him. he asked what i thought about dating, and i sed "i dont know" because i wanted to avoid the question.

then it was summer break.

and now were back at school, and i see him hanging with another girl at lunch and in the halls, and it makes me jeaous. i know, i shouldnt be jealous because i had my chance with him and i wasnt interested, but i think maybe now i am. i dont know, its really confusing, and i want to not like him but for some strange reason i think i do now. and now i think he doesnt like me, so what do i do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ask yourself, if he wasn't around this other girl, would I be interested in him? This is quite common, woman become more interested in a guy if other women seem interested in him, they think maybe I was wrong, she sees something in him. Go with your first instinct, you weren't interested. There will be other guys who you will want to know , and not because other girls appear to like him.

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