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My boyfriend is very obsessive over me.?

Ok I am a pisces and I absolutely love the attention he gives me. He was born on June 21. I believe he has characteristics of 2 signs. I believe one of them is cancer. He is very sweet and he protects me and everything. He wants to wait until marriage for sex and he respects me and my body alot. Anyways he is like hugging me like every single time we are near eachother (at school mostly) because thats the only time we are together. Anyways Do you hink he likes me? He says he loves me and I believe him. He has had a crush on me for the last year but at that time I had a boyfriend and he didn't want to interfere so he kept it to himself. but it was obvious and I hate to admit it but the whole time him and I were best friends we hung out every morning at school and in class we sat next to eachother and would talk like nonstop. I had a crush on him too but I knew I had to stay loyal to my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I broke up and I am now dating my best guy friend the one who is obsessive over me. Is it a bad thing he is obsessed or no? We are both in highschool. Also he isn't the controling type either. He sticks up for me and only wants the best for me.


Oh ya I put it in this section because I would also like you to tell me about how compatible we are and if we will have any problems in the future. Thanks.

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    He isn't obsessive. Don't you feel cherished that you have a guy who cares so much about you?

    There are girls who have boyfriends who completely ignore them & only touch them during sex.

    You have a great guy. Why not enjoy his attention instead of fretting over whether he is obsessive or not.

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    Maybe now that he has you he doesn't want

    to loose you and is letting everyone else know

    you are together by hugging you in public a lot.

    You would have to do a Synastry Chart to see

    where you get along well and where you will

    have to work on things

    M/D/Year of birth


    and most important

    TIME of birth

    for us to do a Synastry Chart

    Good Luck

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    im gemini sun my venus or love sign is cancer and well im obsessive over someone i love i have to know where my boyfriend is at all the time if he does something else to call, i want texts every little bit, for him to keep me informed on things going on, i want to meet and talk to the friends he has, i dont mind him talking to girls but i want to know them first im controlling very very controlling lol i got with a nice capricorn who doesnt mind. I stick up for my boyfriend too he sticks up for me as well i dont want him doing drugs or drinking and driving i dont restrict what he does i just make sure hes in safe situations. If you like it you like it if you dont you dont hes doing it because he loves you and wants to make sure you dont cheat bottom line.

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    According to my tarot, you are compatible but there will be bad times (dark clouds) but you will get through them and have a happy life together (turle).

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