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i come up with the cutest outfits to wear to school, but can't find the confidence to actually wear them?

okay not to sound concieted but i have a really distinct fashion taste and i know what i like. i always come up with these quirky cute outfits, but then when i'm getting ready i just can't find the confidence to wear them so i end up wearing jeans and a tshirt which is absolutely NOT my style at all. what can i do?!

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    Hey, don't worry. I was kind of like this last year.

    I always chickened out because I thought I couldn't pull things off.

    Then one day my friend made me wear my outfit. She said that if I could think of it, I could pull it off.

    Believe in yourself. Sometimes you really do need a small push to get things done.

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    Stop caring on what others think. If it is cute then people will compliment your outfit and you will feel alot better. I get like that too sometimes, but I started to stop caring and just wear cute clothes, and through that I have more confidence.

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    i think u should be more confident and wear ur outfits just forget what everyone says and be u

    i hope it helps

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    Pressure or dare yourself to put them on. Then keep your head up and smile to show people that THAT'S the real you! Don't think about what people might say, just do it! lol Hope that helps

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    Flaunt it! You will look awesome if you feel awesome. If this is your style, go for it. Too many people forgo cool clothes because they think they won't be able to pull them off!

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    just do it. BE FEARLESS.

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