Dell inspiron 1525 is overheating?

i have a dell inspiron 1525 with windows vista home basic service pack 2 i have my dell laptop set to go into either sleep mode or hibernate when i close my lid this morning i closed my lid and it went into sleep or hibernation mode but when i woke up later on it was out of sleep/hibernation and it was very very hot and i was wondering what could be causing this another problemi have is when i have my laptop on i have it set not to go into hibernation after like 3 or 4 hrs i come back to it and nothing will load up i cant restart or shut down from my desktop start tab i have to do a hard restart and another problem when i hit start then ty to have it go to sleep it restarts instead and i have also had some problems when i shut my lid it wont go into sleep / hibernation the hard drive light keeps blinking i bought my laptop jan 27 2009 so those are my problems any help would be very appreciated


thanks nanaki i go to the dell website alot looking for new drivers so far all the drivers they have is already on my laptop

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    I have an Inspiron 1520 which is the model below yours and I too have had this problem.

    I was able to download updates from the Dell websites and now it is perfectly fine. Although, sometimes it can get hot but that's only if there is something going on the background like a Virus Scan which stops the machine from properly going into sleep mode.

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    I've found that most dell laptops overheat. If you get a cooler to put on the bottom of your laptop it should be fine.

    It's because most dell laptops have their fans on the bottom and you have it sitting on the fans, so it doesn't cool well.

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    Take it back to the shop. It should still be under warranty. Repairing laptops is too difficult for anyone but an expert.

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