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how to get rid of big bumps from pony tails?

whenever i take my hair out of a pony it has one big bump i can't get rid of i don't want to wash my hair [i do at night] but after gym class and stuff i can't

How do i get rid of the big bump w/no straightener or shower

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    You can use hair spray right after you fix it perfect!

    because i know how it messes up during the day at

    school and stuf! Or you can water it down, or go with

    the down hair style, or a perfect updo with the bumpets!

    but it depends if you have curly or striaght my hair is straight

    but somewhat curly so i have it down most of the time because

    i cant make a perfect or even good looking updo !

    Source(s): you can always surf google images and see how the updos look like
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    the same thing happens to me! usually i just leave it in a pony for the rest of the day but you could try spraying it with water where the bump is and brushing through it. u could also try a looser hairbaind bcuz the pressure is what causes it to bump like that. hope i helped!

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    instead of a pony try a headband with a jaws clip & bobby pins.

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    i sleep on it and the bump goes away

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    Watch this video it tells u step by step your welcome

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