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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicComics & Animation · 1 decade ago

What's going on currently in the batman comic books?

I've heard a lot of stuff about Nightwing becoming batman and what not, but I'm not exactly sure why and what is going on, If you know what is going on please reply, o and if you know a place online where I can read new batman comics for free it would be greatly appreciated.

Much obliged

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There's so much **** going on, spread across multiple DC titles that even some readers can't keep up.

    Here's a breakdown of stuff I got:


    Batman: Temporarily dead till 2010.

    Tim Drake = Red Robin. Out looking for Bruce...somehow...

    Dick Grayson = Batman.

    Jason Todd = Red Hood. Punisher-style vigilante or confused villain?

    Spoiler = Batgirl.

    Damien Wayne = Robin.

    Joker got a huge makeover & knows who Batman really is but doesn't give a ****.

    Harley Quinn is hanging out with Poison Ivy & Catwoman.

    Black Mask destroyed Arkham Asylum.

    Riddler = Private Investigator & only male member of the Gotham City Sirens. Ivy still doesn't like him.

    Black Lanterns in Darkest Knight = awesome zombie invasion.

    Dick & Jason hate eachother's guts. Lots & lots of bloodshed.

    Black Glove Oraganization & Dr. Hurt. Where are they now?

    Hush = Taking full advantage of looking like Bruce Wayne.

    Batman's early years are being revamped again in Batman Confidential, & it's awesome.

    Kevin Smith of "J & Silent Bob" is writing Batman comics, & they're hillarious.

    You can use Ishohunt to find the comics, CDisplay to view them, & bittorent to get them. Also Google for Comic Vine, look up Batman, & then use the "comics by cover" tab as a guide. You can also use DC Comics as a guide for unreleased comics & view previews when they're released.

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  • 1 decade ago

    recently, in final crisis, bruce wayne "died" (in reality, his consciousness was sent away) due to darkseid's omega sanction. reading bruce's will, dick grayson (nightwing) and jason todd "compete" (technically they don't, dick states that he doesn't want to be the new batman) to see who will succeed bruce (even though bruce states in his will that he dosen't want anyone to take up the mantle of the bat). long story short, dick grayson wins and becomes the new batman with damian wayne as the new robin.

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