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hey im about to buy a laptop and am wondering how much should i pay for it?

here are the specs:

toshiba satellite 11400

X 64 based pc

Windows vista

intel pentium dual core

CPU T2390 (What is that??????)

1.86 Ghz

3 Gb RAM

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    I would get a Mac but there to expensive but probaly the best laptop you want to get is a HP there amazing laptops they have windows vista and there really good computers evryone i know has them and there average prices range about 400-700 $ i think its pretty god for a laptop Good luck hope you find the computer you want :)

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    ok dont be stupid and get a mac! they are so much better than the crapy PCs. there easier to it will just cost more. my sister has had hers for 9 years and it still runs great.

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