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Things to get for a housewarming party.?

My friends and family are giving me a housewarming party because my husband and I recently just bought a house. We do have things that we need, but I want to know what is okay to ask for. I don't really want to ask my family for decorations because their style is different than mine, and I don't want to ask for anything too expensive. What do I ask for other than towels and sheets?

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  • Lane
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    A collection of spices. A nice bottle of cooking Sherry, Brandy, Wine or Rum. Some nice kitchen knives for cooking. Nice Night lights to place in your house for nighttime when you turn out the lights. A nice set of coffee cups and or tea cups. A collection of tea pots. A unique door mat. An umbrella rack or hat rack to place by the door. Candles. A first aid kit for your bathroom.

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    Home repair tools (you can be specific) since home ownership always comes with repairs that will need to be done. Wrenches, pliers, various screw drivers, if you or your husband intends to fix things up you might need power tools (get the cordless ones with rechargeable batteries). Or garden tools if you have a yard. Houseplants. Kitchen gadgets. Barbecue tools. If you get snow, snow shovels and defrosting things and like that. You can see if your plumber offers unexpiring gift certificates. If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, maybe a cord of wood.

  • Kris
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    Plants, a Nice Bottle of wine. Food for the party, I really wouldn't ask for to much, you want to have friends over in the future.

  • Anonymous
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    Lane has some very nice items listed ...I'd just like to add a smoke detector ..most people forget to get may not be glamorous but certainly very useful in an emergency !

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  • Lucy
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    1 decade ago

    useful things like storage containers, tools, gardening tools, flashlights etc. These things are not terribly expensive. You will have things you need and will use forever and they will feel good every time they come over and see you using them.

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