How can I remove a search box from IE 8 that came on the address bar when I downloaded Yahoo Internet Explorer?

Rolling back the Internet Explorer is not an option because some programs I've downloaded my not function.

I can't use directions for removing a search box from IE7. I want to download a program that has a search box requirement, so I'd like to know how to delete it.

Microsoft had directions "Remove" a search box by typing Internet Explorer 8 in the address bar, but when I tried those directions "Remove" was greyed out.

I can't use Group Policy Editor because it just doesn't allow the searchbox to display, and that is not an option.

If anyone knows how to use the Registry Editor for Windows XP to delete a search box, please answer my question.

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    First of all, only the toolbar is Yahoo's. The rest is Microsoft Internet Explorer and this means that you should try and remove the toolbar first. Look for some Yahoo program and not Microsoft.

    If you do need to remove IE 8 and return to IE 7 make sure you set a return point should you need to perform a Restore. It's a good habit to set them regularly and you will tend to then have many definite points to fall back to as Windows XP is capable of making numerous jumps backward and forward.

    Back uo all important data, as you always should. Programs are primarily dependent on the operating systen firstly, a browser secondly. Programs that use IE 8 should have some falback on IE 7, consult those vendors documentation and support for details and instructions. Neither Yahoo nor Microsoft support programs not their own.

    Now, if you MUST uninstall IE 8 completely, PLEASE download it WITHOUT the toolbar (UNCHECK IT AT DOWNLOAD) or simply load the IE 8 from Microsoft at or from Microsoft Update, which should be found in the Start Bar if have updated Windows to allow updates since a few years ago and Automatic Updates will ask to install it the next time the yellow shield appears if you don't install it immediately.

    IE isn't the only browser option you have of course but I'm not here to discuss them. You've likely checked those options out.

    To avoid the toolbar's perceived problems, do not use it. If you should come to feel the IE 8 is the problem at that point them you need to contact Microsoft whether or do more searching.

    Source(s): I tried IE 8 and wasn't ready to adopt it yet so I uninstalled and went back to IE 7. My rollback was successful but I had to adjust some. So never do that without some backup and know how to recover.
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