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Why do some people say "Joining the military is for idiots because you serve a corporate elite"?

I see people who say stuff like "If you join the military you are serving nothing but corporate elite". I've also heard "In the military you are nothing but a number". Left and right I hear people bash the military.

Why do these people choose to see the military as a militia for companies or how ever you want to put it?

What drives people to this anti military view?

The military is more than just a militia and it's about serving your country.

What's your insight to this?

Thank you for your time and answers.

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    In the military, you get what you put in. Lets be honest, once you're in the military you're property of the federal government of the united states of america and have rights taken away from you, such as being allowed to protest, etc. (you're the last line of defense in case of civil-unrest)

    But if you scratch their back, your back gets scratched. Get a G.I. Bill worth around $60,000. Free health care, steady pay with increments anually, free food, and housing plus a whole alot of other things. So If Im serving the corporate elit i dont mind as long as i get my benefits.

    and to people who say that, they should just shut-up and join. ignorant idiots that they are.

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    My husband is in the military.

    I believe all the stuff you wrote...

    We are getting out soon.

    Maybe back in the 40's and stuff, the military fought for the rights of the American People. In today's world, the military does, in the end, fight for corporations. Cheney made a nice amount of money because of his ties to Blackwater (which won the contract to go in and clean up Iraq after it was bombed to pieces... surprise, surprise.)

    You hardly ever see members of congress sending their sons and daughters into the military.

    A lot of people feel pride in that they are serving their country and the military really really pushes the "patriotic" thing. They HAVE to do that.. They have to convince the members of the military and their families that they are sacrificing for something important. Otherwise, they would lose everyone. The pay is awful, the benefits aren't that great either, and you could die. They also force you to take dangerous vaccines and do other things that prove you are just a number to them.

    The military spends billions on bombers, but then they fail to provide protection to soldiers under fire in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those guys STILL don't have the proper protection from bullets and bombs when they go on a mission. It has been EIGHT years!

    The people in power do look at soldiers as "warm bodies" on the ground. That can be sacrificed.

    People in the military and their wives and families have to convince themselves they are fighting for some higher, greater cause. If we don't tell ourselves that, there is no way to accept it when someone close to us loses their life or health while in the service. We could never make it through the long deployments and other crap the military throws in our direction.

    Do you see?

    Most historians of WWI would agree that it was a giant waste of human life that accomplished nothing. Could you say that out loud to the millions of people who lost loved ones in WWI, though? No way. That is why HISTORIANS say it, now. It couldn't be said out loud back when those survivors were still alive.

    There were people brave enough to protest the Vietnam war, but they took it out on the returning soldiers, which was ridiculous. Soldiers only do as they are told.

    When dealing with war, we have to tell ourselves it is for some greater cause.. even if it really isn't. ;(

    (However, the people in power who aren't risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones, don't have to worry so much about justifying military service. My husband is just a number to them. If the have 100, and lose only 5.. That is a great ratio to them. It is the families who suffer.)

    It is a sad truth. And you people who might get mad at me, get angry because you know it is the truth.

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    They fear what they don't understand...and when you TRY to get them to understand by explaining it to them..they don't listen because they wanna be RIGHT all the time.

    Also...People that serve & work in the military are MUCH CLOSER as a team than any corporate company in the world. That's why companies LOVE to hire prior military(Vets)..because they know they're the REAL teamworkers/ team leaders.

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    People who say that sort of drivel are really self serving altruists who makes statements such as those to avoid making a commitment to anything .

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    the military is great and i thank them for what they do they are heroes

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    They don't know the meaning of "join", "military", "idiot", "corporate", or "elite."

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    " Those who live by the sword, sooner or later die by the sword" I am quoting Jesus

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    It is true!!!

    In 1973 Kissinger said "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy"

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    cause they don't know their butt from a hole in the ground

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    Stupid people parroting what other stupid people have repeated from even more stupid people...

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