So, i am going to have major tan lines?!?

Ok, So, i've figured out i am going to have MAJOR tan lines from my bikini tanning bet. So after getting a majorly dark tan through out the winter (next 6 months) long will my stupid tan lines last? What is a while? What am I looking at here? I am a guy and just scared of how long i will have the womens bikini imprint that i can't take off. please give me an idea

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  • 1 decade ago
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    lol, very cute. Badass that you followed through with the bet! Can't you wear a t-shirt to cover it? You could always use self tanner, or go tanning to help even out the lines. or, you could just ignore it and have a laugh! It really is quite funny. :)

    good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not going to lie. A very long time.

    My suggestion is once you are done with your bet rest a few days then go back and tan naked or with trunks on. Use tanning oil.

    I have had bathing suit tan lines since I was 13 but I have also been a lifeguard in training and played water polo through Junior year in High school.

    I have not been out in the soon with my polo suit since February. I still have tan lines.

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    why were you wearing a bikini?

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