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very tired of being called pale..... can't tan either?

Okay well obviously I am pale, and of course people at school will make comments about me because I guess they're thinking that tan is the only way people should be. Well at school when they make comments about my skin color & laugh at me, I do kinda get offended, but I don't show it at all. I just laugh along with them. But inside, it kind of does bother me. Well, it really only does at school. I feel so confident in my skin outside of school, then in school I feel so out of place & I get treated like an alien. Basically, what would you do? Is there any way I could possibly look a little less pale??? Thanks<3

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    I'm pale and I absolutely love it. I think pale skin is gorgeous. just be like like "Hell yeah, I love it"

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    My best friend has the same problem, and she uses a spray-tan now. Some people think it makes you look orange, but that depends on the brand. I recommend the kind from Victoria's Secret.

    If you want to go to the extreme, although I wouldn't really enforce it, would be to go to a tanning bed. It's not the same as trying to tan in the sun and it really does work but the damage it can do to your skin isn't really worth the color. So I'd most definitely go with the spray-tan!

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    Pale is good and so is tanned!

    They are probably just jealous..for some reason

    I'd just ignore it and work on other stuff like having great hair, nice clothes,shoes,bags, great scent and work out more!

    I'm really pale for an Asian as well and whitening is huge here!! Everyone wants to be the fairest of them all but it's craazy and i'm rebelling against it. lol

    I go swimming alot but it takes me forever to tan and now that i have a's even harder to mantain it.

    I use Jiffy Tan by doesn't turn the skin orange but downside is your palms get coloured as well so you gotta give it a good scrub before you step out and Sally Hansen leg's got different shades and waterproof!!!

    I have yet to find a self tanner that really works.

    Good Luck and ignore those losers.

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    in the journey that your beneficial outdoors of faculty alongside with your pores and skin tone, you would be able to desire to precise that for the time of school. do no longer permit your friends make you experience self wakeful with something as trivial as that. I accept as true with the 1st persons assertion. there is so plenty extra important issues occurring. Edit: in spite of the actuality that seems are the 1st situation human beings see, thats no longer who we are. i'm beneficial your a great chum and your actual ones do no longer decide you thru your seems. they like who you're as a individual.

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    Pale skin i s so pretty! I have pale skin! Love it...and do not tan because it kills your skin...see if your friends are laughing when their skin is all shrivled up from tanning....embrace you pale skin because it is gorgeous!!!

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    Do you go to high school?

    because that's completely normal.

    If you are going to college... I suggest finding new friends.

    I love my pale skin, being skinny and tall, and even my "bigger" nose now that I have distanced myself from people who are obviously very self conscious of themselves.


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    hah, same problem here, except.. people think it looks good on brunettes. if you don't want to look AS pale.. i suggest you wear brighter colors, avoid the blacks and dark blues.

    oh goodness, that'll be difficult since winter's coming soon! :(

    but.. on the plus side - pale people also have the appearance of being thinner.

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    spray tan?

    Source(s): im african american, but most of my friends are white so i've heard
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