Has anyone ever heard of this technique? PLEASE HELP!?

In algebra last year my teacher taught us something OTHER than foil. it was so much easier to understand that way. he called it "eyebrows nose mouth" sounds wierd i know. but likei said it was way easier to understand than F.O.I.L..

he did something like drawing the "eyebrows" on top and then the "nose" and "mouth" on bottom.

has anyone ever done something similar to this technique?(or at least something easier than foil) i cant remember it and REALLLLLY dont wanna do foil!

please help if you can thanks loads :]]]

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i never did what you said but i think i might know what you are talking about take the ex. (3+4)(1+2) first you make the "eyebrows" 3*1+4*2 then the nose which is 4*1 then the mouth which is 3*1 so if you look at it a tertian way then it can kinda look like a face i hope this helped

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