Do they teach Fibonacci numbers in High School?

I saw the rules of the Golden Ratio, and while I don't understand it, I want to. Do they teach this is in any Standard Arithmetic classes? Such as Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry.

If not what is the branch of math that contains patterns like the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers?


Mike, If I may call you that, how does Computer Programming have to do with Fibonacci numbers?

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    It depends on the instructor. If it was covered it might be covered in algebra,calculus or even geometry. The branch of mathematics is called number theory.

    I want to help you understand this. Here is the beginning of the Fibonacci series. It goes on forever.


    We get the next term by adding the last two terms.

    the next term is:

    55 + 89 = 144 and the term after that is 89 + 144 = 233


    The ratio of a Fibonacci number to the next smallest Fibonacci number approaches the golden mean as F gets larger.

    1/1 =1

    2/1 = 2

    3/2 = 1.5

    5/3 = 1.6666666...

    8/5 = 1.6

    13/8 = 1.635

    21/13 = 1.615

    34/21 = 1.619

    Let's jump ahead to our last Fibonacci numbers to get our best estimate of the godlen mean:

    233/144 = 1.618

    This is only an estimate. The true golden mean can be calculated with the quadratic formula. It is irrational:

    (1 + sqrt(5))/2 = about 1.61803399

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    I didn't learn it until I took a computer programming course in college. I did teach them in an advanced programming course in HS, but none of them had ever seen them before (they were Calculus students).

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