How come I don't have a boyfriend? Like I'm not desperate but why...?

I am not bragging but I am prettier then a lot of people that have had one/lots of boyfriends... and I am nice and I know how to flirt and stuff... and I dress well and stuff lol.... so why haven't I had a boyfriend? btw I am in 8th grade and don't say thats young because thats not gonna change my mind and lots of people this year and last year have had boyfriends... like not just were you say you have a boyfriend and then never talk to them but like real ones...

and no hater comments :)

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    1 decade ago
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    Honestly, guys at that age are pansies. They are intimidated by confident, independent, pretty girls and are afraid of rejection. Also, a lot of them just go for easy girls. If you decide you find a guy worth your time, ask him out yourself :)

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