Should I sit next to him on the bus?

This guy I like is a sophomore and I'm a freshman .

He knows I like him but we don't know each other. Never said a word . Nothing .

I see him before 6th , lunch , and on the bus . No classes .

I feel like he gives me mixed signals . Every time I pass him before 6th He looks at me for a while . Then yesterday when I went on the bus , as soon as he saw me he started looking out the window . Like he's trying to avoid me or something .

So , tomorrow I want to make a move and sit next to him on the bus and If I get the chance talk to him .

Should I ?

and what should I say to him to make a conversation ? ... Like , " I like your shoes . " .. ?


but I mean like what exactly should I say the very first time I talk to him .

Because I highly doubt he'll talk to me first .

like what's the 1st word I should say ?

How about since his stop is the 1st stop and mine is the 2nd , should I say , " You get off on the 1st stop right ? "

then He'll say , " yeah "

then I'll ask , " do you live there ? "

( 1st stop is houses )

and I'll ask ," are those houses nice ? "

Update 2:

My friend told him I like him and she pointed me out so he knows who it is .

Just to let you know

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    yeah make the move already because he will never make his move first. so start a conversation with him, such as "i like your shoes" or something like that. people gain confidence when telling something nice about them. then ask him what's his name, where does he live what sports does he do, etc. be funny with him & gain his confidence. then u'll be good friends & if he likes you he'll do something else for you (like taking you out to the movies....)

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    A good way to start a conversation is always, "Hey" or "Hello." In this case probably, "Hey, can I sit here?"

    Once you're seated, you can try something like, "So, what's up?" If he says anything you can build off of, then build off it. If not, then try bringing up interests. "Are you into.....?"

    You can try out the stop/houses thing, but it might come off as being a little creepy, especially if he already knows you like him. I'd say save that as a last resort.

    If you try a couple different things and nothing seems to get a response from him, then stop. He may just not want to talk and be dodging questions. The best thing to do then is to let him have his quiet.

    And as another person said, he might be looking at you because he knows and avoiding you because he really wants to avoid you for the time being. You don't need to go into the whole thing thinking you're about to be completely dissed, but make sure you're prepared for it if you are.

    Good luck. ^^

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    When he looked out the window of the bus when he saw you it might mean that he likes you and didn't want you to see that he was looking at you and you should defintiely sit next to him on the bus just be like hey is this seat taken? and then if you do sit next to him just say anything literally anything and that should start a conversation. Good Luck! :)

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    I'm a sophomore, I say do it..but find something more...well..not freshmen like to talk about! Good Luck, and that look out the window could mean he really does want to avoid you so expect anything

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    NO!! don't say i like your shoes that sounds desperate! he knows you like him! and he likes you back!! :) but dont do anything stupid! just say hey my name is.... so and so.... and give him a laid back complement like "hey those are really cool shoes where did you get them he likes that (no, im not a guy) i just know this bcuz my best friend is a guy and my bf tells me what he likes in a guy. one more thing is when you wanna go sit next to him make sure the seat is open and the seats mostly everywhere are not empty if so ask if you can with him in another laid back way and just chillax and be cool but dont throw yourself on him like flirty with him. dont do thst until l8r my email is if anything else happens! glad i could help! thanx

    Source(s): my best friend my bf and me!
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    If you both kno that u like him then try sitting next to him and just start a conversation about something he likes. and dont act all nervous or laugh a lot.

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    yeah definitely sit next to him, but dont say you like his shoes

    talk about your classes or something not lame but not like deep

    start with hey

    if he responds its a sign at least he doesnt find you weird

    and if he just like mumbles somethig and gets out a cell phone or text book or somethign its a sign hes not interested but he looks like he wants to talk to you than maybe you have a hcance.

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    If it were me I would sit like one seat away from him because I'm really timid and hopefully he'll try to strike up a conversation. If he doesn't you could be like "Hi, I've seen you around I'm *insert name here*."

    Or if you are bolder than I, sit next to him FASHO!

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    Yea if you like him go for it!! Just say something like " hey, can I sit here?" And then talk about things you like and things he likes, stuff like that. You talk the same way you would with friends with new relationships. And it doesn't matter what race he is like one person said.

    If you like him you obviously don't care, so that person shouldn't either!

    Good luck

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    1 decade ago

    The "I like your shoes" thing is lame, please don't use it!

    Ask if there was any homework in a class you both have(the same teacher, I know that you aren't in any of his classes!)yesterday.

    Whenever my crush looks at me, I usually look out of the window to make it seem I'm not staring at her. I usually am staring at her.

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