i want to get a piercing. im just a chicken what piercing hurts the least?

i was thinking of my tougue...does that hurt more than a tatoo?

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    I have my tongue pierced and I also have three tattoos. Tongue piercing DEFINITELY hurts less than a tattoo. But I'll tell ya it sucks trying to eat for a week. All I really ate was popsicles and ice cream lol. Good luck.

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    All piercings hurt more than a tattoo, as a general rule. And unlike a tattoo, piercing pain can last for a few days to weeks depending on the piercing.

    A tongue piercing is not less painful, however it heals a little faster than all other piercings. But the tongue swells and remains swollen for about 10 days, and it generally hurts to talk, swallow and do all activities that involve moving the tongue. But the tongue piercing heals on the inside within 3 months, while other piercings take longer. It does stop hurting within a couple of weeks, though.

    In that sense, even a cartilage piercing is less painful-- you get the piercing, an hour later you may not feel a thing in your ear or nose anymore, except for when you clean it or bump it. But the pain is less persistent provided that it's well cared for.

    No piercing hurts less than a tattoo. Keep in mind that a tattoo is grazing your skin, while a piercing is making a -hole- in your body, pain and healing time differ accordingly.

    Source(s): Being extensively pierced and tattooed.
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    Avoid the tongue piercing. Not just because it hurts - but what is the purpose? If you must pierce something go for your belly button (easily covered if job requires it) or ears.

    Tattoos hurt more than piercings because the piercing pain is done and over with. A good tattoo takes hours - and although you generally go numb after a little, it still can be painful the entire time.

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    Whatever pierces the least amount of flesh is the one that hurts the least. I have my tongue done, it didn't hurt to get done AT ALL but the next few days were bad with talking and eating. I'm stretched to a six gauge now and those are uncomfortable but it's not bad at all. Depends on your pain threshold though... Everyone is different.

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    I had my earlobes double pierced (at different times) and that is probably the least painful area. I don't have a tongue piercing but I've heard that those are extremely painful and I personally wouldn't recommend it. I'd say stick with the ears.

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    a tongue piercing is nothin compared to a tattoo...tongue piercing is like a pitch seriously...but of course it depends wut ur tolerance is. I got my tongue pierced when i was 16..my ear piercing and monroe hurt way more than that. I also had my tragus (the lil cartilidge flap in ur ear) pierced and that didn't hurt either

    I had 2 tattoos and i think that hurt more jus the fact that the needle was over my skin...but like i said it depends wut ur level of tolerance

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    my eyebrow piercings hardly hurt, the tongue doesn't hurt while getting it done but the after swelling hurts like a b*tch

    Source(s): I have my nose, double eyebrow, monroe and lip pierced
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    tattoo generally hurts much more than tongue piercing.

    i mean you must get a good artist who does it correctly and FAST.

    Source(s): been there
  • 1 decade ago

    piercing dose not hurt at all then tatto are hurt like hell hell hurt pretty pianin but its all diffent pianin body they own

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    well da............ it does hurt trust me ive got one before but i took it off

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