My relationship with my bf of one year isnt the same. I love him and he loves me but we are starting to argue and fight more frequently and Im not as attracted to him as i used to be (he doesnt clean himself up when we go out etc, like before, wears oil stained shirt pants and boots) We live 2 1/5 hours away frm eachother and see eachother for appx 22hrs a week. we have never lived in the same town. Im not sure if its time to end it. Or if i should talk to him about my feelings or wait until im sure one way or another So i dont mess things up by talking about being unsure. Ideas please??

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    You should talk to him, if he don't change then end it

  • I'd wait before you say anything. He is clueless to being in a relationship and you sound more mature than him... He sounds like he nees a "mommy instead of a girlfriend." Tell him when you are ready that its over. I think going back and forth on your decision is going to only torment you...so sleep on it, write up you pro/con list and do some real soul searching on what you want a "boyfriend" to "look" like. If you're not feeling it...you cannot change those feelings and time might not change those feelings....don't do anything right now because you're still undecided. Just take deep cleansing breaths and take a yoga class to find your "center" Think about how you want to be treated and what you are arguing over is just dumb stuff...there are deeper issues brewing underneath. The arguing is a power struggle. Take your "emotional" power back and pull away without him knowing it. That will give you a sense of self again. Good luck. Relationships are hard and sometimes confusing. Heart & Head decisions. Think what your heart wants on this one....not your head.

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    1 year and 2 1/5 hours away? Are you kidding. If he hasn't moved closer to you by now, it because he really doesn't want you.

    You are just some nice piece of *** that he gets for driving a few hours.

    he probably has another squeeze in his home town and you are just there for occasions when he wants some easy ***.

    You NEED to dump him and get fun back into your life again.

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    You both are noticing the 'little' things at this point.

    NOT a good sign.

    That happened to me. I soon began to notice things I didn't care for in her either. And you are experiencing this after only 1 year??!?!

    He's relaxing... not trying as hard. You've been conquested. He knows he's had you so why try as hard any more.

    Don't expect perfection in ANY boyfriend. Look to the good things and value them. If you can not... move on girl. Move on.

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    Sounds like it's on the outs. If you are not attracted to him anymore, then that is sign number one.

    You should definitely talk to him about all of this though.

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    Look Lucky to last after one Night just remain Friends and iff you ever fell something again than do it .

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    your love for him became to decrease so you look more to his mistakes,,,so it is better to leave him by gentel way

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    take a hike buddy.

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    well you are no prize yourself

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