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Is Pre-Calc Hard? As a Freashmen?

I took Algebra 1 & 2 last year, and this year im taking geometry, and i was taking trig, but decided to go to pre-calc...

So how hard is Pre-Calc? Just so everyone knows, our school is set up so you take either pre-calc or trig, u do not take both.

I'm hoping I should be able to do it? Just have some butterflys about it :p XD lol It's kind of a AP pre-calc, but not really... Our school is so small that like the top 20 sophmores go into pre-calc, so you could call it AP or Accelerated i guess? lol Any Information? Thanks! This is more a question to relieve my anxiety of it


Top 20 Sophmores more into precalc their junior year**

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    I'm in Pre-Calc right now. It's pretty easy, it's a lot of review of algebra 2 with a couple of new formulas and equations right now. Lots of graphing equations and stuff like that, but if your good with those kind of things you will do just fine.

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    I'm not sure what to define pre-calc in the united states as, if that is where you are from. Basically, trig is a lot of staring at triangles and learning identities and if you like that kind of thing, it's great.

    Calculus has some trig in it, but a lot of it is about limits and derivatives which you probably don't know about yet. The hardest part is understanding how it works in the first bit and doing derivatives and limits manually. After the first bit everything is very easy if you like math, because they show you shortcuts to everything and how to easily graph a function without a calculator.

    Near the end they will probably start teaching you about integrals which is doing the opposite of a derivative. These are much more difficult. If you have a good algebra basis, as in, you are comfortable with how algebra works, you will do fine.

    I personally hate trigonometry because it is a more concrete style of thinking in mathematics, at least to me. Some trigonometry will be covered in pre-calc because you will need it.

    In short: Calculus is easy if you like math and have no problem with anything you've learned in math previously.

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