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Macromolecule..Can you help me with my biology?

I have a test tomorrow in biology..I am a 9th grader so please help!!!..

My teacher gave me a study sheet..but I have no clue what the answers are to 5 problems are..

question #1- What macromolecule makes up body tissues? _____________

question #2- What is the monomer of the macromolecule in question 1?______________

question #3- What is a polymer of the macromilecule in question #1 that redues actication energy?________________

question #4- When a polymer is broken down into monomers,what is this process called?______________________

question #5- When two monomers become bonded together to form a polymer, what is this process called? _________________

question #6- What is the hydrate in carbohydrates and is a critical molecule to questions #4 and #5?_____________________

*these are the questions I do not understand..please give a small sentence to go along with each answer so I can get an idea of what you are talking about!!

Thanks Times A Million If You Can Help!!!

God Bless!!!

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    1- proteins

    #2- amino acids

    #3- enzymes

    #4- hydrolysis

    #5- condensation

    #6- water (H2O)

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    4. Hydrolysis

    Polymers are broken down by splitting water into OH and H and attaching to each end of the monomers.

    5. Condensation

    Monomers are linked by condensation reactions where one molecule loses an OH and the other an H to release water.

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    5 dehydration synthesis

    they bond at one site on one molecule at the OH while the other monomer bonds at the H = H2O and the bond.

    Source(s): AP bio
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