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what is an easy example of deception in the play julius caeser? or Romeo and Juliet?

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    Here is Julius Caesar for you:

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    In Romeo and Juliet, the most obvious example of deception is when Juliet fakes her own death to get out of marrying Paris. But there are others, such as when she pretends to be weeping over her dead cousin Tybalt when she's really weeping for her banished husband Romeo, and when she pretends to go along with her father's wishes right before she takes the sleeping potion.

    Friar Lawrence tells some whopping lies at this point, too. He knows very well Juliet isn't dead, because he's the one who gave her the sleeping potion in the first place. Yet he shows up at the Capulet's house and chides everyone for grieving, saying "she's gone to a better place", and later presiding over a funeral mass for someone he knows is alive.

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