Ladies, my gf is getting too casual and does not make an effort with her appearance anymore, what shall I do?

I'm a "joe average" guy, but brought up with values to always take care of myself in appearance. I do my best to look good for my gf. In the other hand, in the past year or so, she has continued being a workaholic and by now she barely cares about her looks when we spend a sunday together but yet the other night she put extra effort for one of her girlfriends drinks which I was not invited cause not knowing her friend. Our feelings are very obvious, I cant doubt about our love, she has shown it to me many times, what bothers me is that I fell in love with this woman in salsa dancing classes who "dressed to impress", now that quality is gone and sometimes she admits it and jokes about it.


by the way, just to clarify before the question heads to a different direction, my gf is the same girl that I mentioned I met in dancing class and fell in love because she "dressed to impress"

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    There are probably more important things in life to her now. It depends how much she doesn't bother about her looks. If she wasn't clean and she didn't do basic grooming like brushing her hair then that should be a reason to want her to change. But if she's simply wearing less or no make-up and not wearing fancy things around you all the time, then you shouldn't be too picky. She probably feels comfortable enough around you that she doesn't feel like she needs to impress you further with her looks. Accepting her for what she is under all her clothes is the key to really finding out whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life with her. And I'm sure that for special occasions she will make an effort.

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    Okay you know what she is just comfortable with you and feels that you think she's beautiful no matter what she looks like. Thats good thing you could ask he why she doesn't dress up anymore and say that you miss it when you try to look good for me but you always look good anyways.So you love a girl in dance well you have a problem because now that theres feeling either you drop out or you dump your gf because you can't be with someone when you love someone else that's lying to them behind there back.

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    tell her, just say i'm scared you are too busy to take care of your self; i'm worried about you. treat her to a day at the spa!

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