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plz help best answer gets ten points?

how can you make yourself drop dead gorgous but look natural. i have sensitive skin so cant really do liquid foundation. i not fat and im leaning towards skinny since i started 2 soccer teams. i dont have bad facial features, or bad skin or eyes, i just need tips! i have brown hair, idontknow, beigy skin, i guess, and blue grey eyes

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    use clinque powder foundation with a big brush (it evens out the powder better). put on a little eyeliner on the lids of your eyes, right above your eyelashes, it looks more natural because people can't see the line. to me flawless skin and pretty eyes are gorgeous, so make sure you wash your face. also wear your hair in its natural state, just tidy it up.

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    i started highlighting my hair. first with very light browns, and now in highlighting at full blonde. it gives your hair nice colors and it looks really nice. you can use eyeliner on ur bottom and top lid and mascara. also, dark eyeshadow to bring out your eyes. powder foundation for sensitive skin is what i use. it works well and doesn't irritate your skin.

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    One thing I can tell you is that very light makeup is a girl's best asset to us guys. The heavy stuff, all right for formal affairs, just isn't attractive daily. Other girls can help with hair and outfits, but don't listen to the one's who advise you to wear 7 different kinds of makeup.

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    you sound so pretty already!

    i'm not really the foundation type of person - i just skip it, -my face has it's own unique olivey color, what i would say though.. is to highlight your eyes, it's what people look at the most try gray/blue eye shadow so it makes your eyes glow :)

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