Any ideas for a Halloween party?

It'll be a costume party, and money IS a factor, so try to keep it rather cheap.

I'm looking for ideas about entertaining guests, fun foods, decorations, and so on.

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    candle every were( get them from the dollar store). On the invites write be there or be cursed. Make a scary crow. cut out paper bats and hang them in trees and if it's at night put glow in the dark spray paint on them. Use batting pull it apart little and put a spider on it and you have a spider nest. Popcorn balls are always fun for food. check here for more ideas . This has a lot of game ideas. . Hope your party goes great!

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    Years ago we had a Halloween party- You might use some of these ideas.

    1.Tie knots in each end of a cloth ( like a cloth baby diaper) soak it in water. { It will feel slimmy}

    2. Peel a few grapes and put in bowl.{ feels like eyeballs

    3.Put small amount of cooked spaghetti in bowl. { feels like intestines}

    Blindfold guest before entering the Autopsy Room

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    at first, track! I even have a number of hours properly worth of Halloween songs. They incorporate television practice subject concerns (Adams kinfolk, Munsters), 'classics' (Monster Mash, Flying purple Ppl Eater), & some unpredicted ones (Black Magic woman, Witchcraft). I blend in sound effects between songs and it extremely gadgets a temper. Decor; beautify the region with webs and skulls. purchase a dvd or video game with spooky effects. in case you may, block off a room and fill it with black lights. ascertain to have a rocking table setup or ingredients. For ingredients i like the kitty field concept. i take advantage of vanilla granola and mini candy bars. Bake it approximately 5 minutes, purely long sufficient to soften the candy so it seems slightly runny and the granola sticks to it. cut back cheese sticks (Mozarella), make slices to look like knuckles, and use products of eco-friendly pepper or sliced almonds as finger nails. Sliced apples drizzled with caramel. and of direction the established chips & dips, veggie plates, etc. We continually make trick or treating the middle pastime yet once you dont have young little ones theres continually dress contest, action picture marathons, and ingesting video games. have exciting!

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    gummi eeballs are always a good investment. maybe me you and the group can go to party city and look at stuff. they have everything. and i have no idea what to go as. also, do not do bob for apples, that is the epitome of nasty.

    we could have like a pinata with creepy stuff in it

    creepy music...

    and things

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    get a bunch of spiders and when ppl walk in jump out and scare them and do a thing were you turn out all the lights and one person screams and hides but dont tell the other ppl just say oh no were did (insert person that is gone here) is gone!

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    here mine all scary and stuff giving out gift bags with flat screen tv

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    dress up like voldermort lol

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  • give bj with dracula teeth!!!

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