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Week 2 QB's: who should I start?

So I have Philip Rivers. And am less than thrilled about that after his all-mighty 12 points against the Raiders. I picked up Joe Flacco, but I notice Brett Favre is available and I have to like his Detroit matchup in week 2.

Out of Favre (vs. Det), Rivers (vs. Baltimore) and Flacco (vs. SD), who do you give the start to in week 2?

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    DEFINITELY flacco. Rivers is gonna have a ****-awful time throwing against an awesome ravens secondary, and brett favre is pretty much gonna be handing off to AP all the time. Even IF brett passes a shitton, he's gonna throw a whole bunch of INTs. Flacco is gonna be throwing against a mediocre SD secondary, and derrick ward is on fire.

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    Flacco is still a risk in my opinion. I just had him but I traded him. I felt he was a sell high player. If you can pick him up you should but only in hopes of trading him in week three for a mid draft WR or TE. Rivers is a solid start any week and Favre didn't have a great showing although Detroit is a soft matchup, I say go with who you drafted, Rivers.

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    Flacco. All Favre has to do is hand the ball off all day and Peterson is gonna run all over them all day.

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    Definately pick up flacco. he had a terriffic game and favre is not only old, but they're playin detroit and AP will run down their throats all down. once they get ahead, it will just be burnin the clock.

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    Flacco all day. He is going to be a very good fantasy QB this year.

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