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Is this an OK Resume for college?

Well, my goal is to get 3.0+ gpa. mines a 2.9 cuz of freshman year biology with the worst teacher possible..everyone gets a c or lower. So, basically 3.0 GPa ( im a junior)

2nd year varsity hockey player ( freshman i was JV)

Ecology Club

(probably some community service)

Speak 3 Languages ( english, polish, and 7th year spanish(if u count middleschool, 5 if not)

I take no ESL classes to improve my skills in english.

I take average classes for my grade.

I wanna take AP Enviormental Science senior year.

taking chemistry right now, so hard hha..but im trying

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    do some community service like helping old people out or volunteering to help with kids or babysit

    Join a comittee.

    Join an exploratory.

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