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Is it just me or does anyone else think that Katie Lea deserves a title opportunity?

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    she does but ecw doesnt have a divas title :(

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    Yes she deserves it but won't get it.

    Katie Lee and Natalya are probably the 2 best actual wrestlers out of all the divas. But the wwe doesn't care about divas that can wrestle good. I mean they don't use either one of them as wrestlers and when they put them in a match they lose. Katie is awesome I just wish the wwe would let her show it.

  • The WWE Booking Team needs to let her go on Smackdown and wrestle regularly. Since ECW is taped the same day that Smackdown is, she could second her brother, Paul Burchill on ECW and then go wrestle on Smackdown. She is a very talented wrestler and it is a shame we seldom get to see her wrestle now. She is talented enough to get title opportunities for either the WWE Divas Championship on Raw or the WWE Women's Title on Smackdown.

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    She had a huge chance back in the Summer of 2007, hell most of 2007 but she doesn't really get over with the Fans, despite the fact that I think she's one of the better women's wrestlers on the roster

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    Nope, shes on ECW, they don't have a championship there, possibly when Paul moves over to Smackdown she will then move with him then have a chance at actually getting into the championship picture for the women's title.

  • i know this makes me sick that they girls who can wrestle dont get push but who cant do! for ex girls who can- gail kim, katie lea, jillian, natyala, beth phoeinix!!!!!! it is soo stupid how alica fox gets a push and beat gail kim and the bellas beating katie lea umm hell no!!!

    and by the way it is not just u ! ahhahaha

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    have not seen her wrestle enogh to make an informed decision on what i think. i think snce ecw is supposed to be extreme they could do the incest angle her and paul were originally gonna do

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    she is sloppy in the ring but a decent wrestler i need to see more of her in the ring

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    she does

    wwe is ruining her career and she's not in svr 2010 game

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    When was the last time he had a match?!?!?

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