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Colleges in Indiana that have horse boarding?

I am looking for a college in indiana, that has affordable horse boarding... is there such thing? if not.... how about some state near indiana??

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    St. Mary of the Wood, Purdue are the only two that come to mind. Don't base your college choice that has a stables, remember there are stables around colleges.

    Keeping your horse on campus is expensive!!! Its cheaper to keeping your horse near the college at a different barn.

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    I don't know if they allow you to board your own horse, but this College has an equestrian team, so they might!


    I live in Indiana too, and I was looking at that college for quite some time because of the equestrian aspect of it. But I changed my mind.... because its also an ALL girls school, and its Catholic. No college parties there!! ;-]

    But if you could put up with either of those things better than I can, maybe its the college for you! Check it out!

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    Try looking for a barn that boards horses near the college.

    It should be cheaper.

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