Is it Grendel nature or nurture?

in the peom Beowulf Grendel is a blood thirsty monster. I writing a paper trying to defend Grendel by proven it his nature. how can i prove that it not his faught the way he is

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    You should look for the book of Grendel to see his point of view. He finds himself angered and wondering why he and his mother live in the hole and he thinks he is just a welcomed guest in Herot as he just want to get out of the dreadful house and have fun. He just like a child, innocence of the young (a child that does something for fun when it is actually wrong to do), where he wasn't raised in the way to know it was wrong as his mother took care of him but didn't teach of the real world.

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    Grendel was the son of Hrothgar and the demon witch. It was not his fault that he was born the way he was, it was the will of his mother, a demoness who seduced the King. Grendel blamed Hrothgar for his lot in life and took it out on the King by killing his men.

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    He is a monster that is disfigured shunned by normal people (half human and half creature). Of course he is going to have animalistic instincts which in turns is survival of the fittest.

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    I think it is nurture. People were cruel to him just because he was a descendant of Cain, so can you really blame him for not liking people?

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