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cheerleader please help!! or anyone else!.:)?

ok so i have tryouts coming up in like 6 months (i know still a pretty long time) but im kinda quite in school and i realllllly want to tryout for cheerleading. im loud and everything at home and with my friends but i dont really have any friends in my classes so im quite. also im shy too. im not shy around my friends or family though i can actually get very hyper! so im asking you if you can help me get a confidence boost and get peppy-er since cheerleaders are known to be peppy! because i dont want to be scared at tryouts and i want to make some new friends who r in my class. so please help!!! thanks!.:)

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    once you start you wont be shy i started cheering 4 years ago and i got less shy and loud very quickly

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    Make friends with the cheerleaders.

    You see, you said that you're hyper and energetic around your friends.

    You make the cheerleaders your friends so when you try out, it's not a big deal.

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    :) i was quiet too, but just go ahead and try out!! i was the same as you & i just came to tryouts and dancedd my heart out! cheerleading is awesome, just try talking to people on the team or the coach beforehand and meet some new people!! who knows what could happen =P

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    Hug ppl lots, ignore rumors b fun, bold daring entertaining and outgoing. dont b shy! if ppl dont like ur attitude, then ignore them! they wouldnt hav been ur friend anyway. just remember dont b snobby

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    Try to make more friends talk to people you normally wouldnt talk to..!

    Just be yourself in the halls with friends


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