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Which bank is better?

I'm a college freshmen who just turned 18, and I'd like to start a bank account. Which one would be better for a student (I don't have a lot of money right now)?

Bank of America or US Bank?

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    Wells Fargo is the way to go.. they have free checking accounts, I dont think BoA has free checking acc. bc I went one day to cash one check and the teller was like you want a checking acc. with us? its free for a year and if you are a student its free for five yrs.... and I was like NO I have a FREE checking account Thanks! I love wells fargo they have sooo many free services, you can transfer money to other WF custumers thats what I love the most. I hear Washington Mutual/Chase is good to.

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    I've never used U.S. bank so I can only tell you about the benefits of Bank of America. I started a campus edge checking and so my bank account is free for as long as I go to school. There are Bank of Americas everywhere I go out of state, it seems. The over draft charges are terrible, 35 dollars or so, but I've called more than a few times and they've dropped all of the charges as long as you don't do it too many times.

    Keep the change is pretty dumb after the initial match of your change that they offer you. If I wanted to save money I can do it myself, but you don't have to do that.

    Service is always friendly.

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    When I graduated high school and started college Bank of America had a checking account for students. campus edge checking I think. You might want to look into if they still offer it.

    Source(s): former BofA customer
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    Bank of America continually has privacy lapses. They have accidentally releases information multiple times. I have also read some horror stories related to customer service. So, I would have to go with US Bank.

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    You should bypass the banks and go to your local credit union. They do not charge fees and actually pay dividends to their members.

  • bank of america,us bank take money from people.

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    Bank of America

    my parenst say that sometimes they find extra cents on their acounts

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    wells Fargo

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    Bank of America FTW!!!!!!!!! (For the win...)

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    us bank.

    I have all my ira's with them.

    My one dealing with BOA was very negative. Very rude.

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