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Always have to urinate, constantly dehydrated..?

Lately I have felt very dehydrated (always thirsty), always having to pee, and experiencing a lot of headaches (due to dehydration?). Another symptom, although I'm not sure this relates, I have felt like I have more body odor than usual. If anyone has any answers of what they think this may be please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Thank you everyone for your help! I will be sure to go to the doctor tomorrow for more details.

Besides for the tumor girl. That's just insensitive and rude. (don't think your in the position to diagnose someone with a tumor.)

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    My advice is to go to a walk in clinic in your area. They know alot more about this than someone on yahoo would. Im not totally sure about this, but one of my friends just got diagnosed with diabetes and is always thirsty, and haveing to pee alot. Im not sure if she gets alot of headaches or body odour, but I would go see a walk in clinic or a doctor if you are concerned.

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    You may want to check with a doctor it sounds like a possible bladder infection. You can get this a number of ways say antibiotics, etc. The first things to try while waiting for the doctor is cranberry juice and eating yogurt. I suspect you are thirsty because you and not enough drinking water.

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    You are displaying classic symptoms of diabetes you need to get to a doctor and quick.

    Your blood sugar is dangerously high and your kindneys are trying to flush the excess out of your system and the thirst is to compensate for the loss of fluids. The odour is called ketosis where you are burning large amounts of sugar in your muscles.

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    It sounds like maybe you could have diabetes. I would go to your doctor soon Good luck =). Btw, If I were you I would Google Diabates Symptoms and see if you are experiencing any other symptoms.

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    well, the body odor is from dehydration. i just truthfully think that you need to start drinking more fluids and stuff. you could start getting really sick and it would just be better if you stay hydrated.

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    deoderant helps...

    ur dehydrated

    drink 60-80 oz of water a day. its hard but you should

    and eat some extra salt to retain it

    or you'll just pee it out

    hope i helped!! :D

    im sort of the same

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    drink more water & see your doctor.

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    either a brain tumor or diabetes...bummer.

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