The sunburst in my green eyes is getting brighter, Did my heart fly too close to the sun?

My eyes get bright green when happier i get, and always had a sunburst around my pupils. the sunburst is getting brighter as is the green.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes. It does sound as if you fluttered a little too close, allowing the Sun's dancing rays to softly touch your soaring spirit... The warmth of which is reflected in your glowing eyes.

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    The sunburst in your own green eyes got brighter as you flew high to the sun.

    But, you did never fly too close and never too suddenly, or now your eyes would not be that bright greeny, they would be ... grey.

    Let us more daringly propose that your own heart flew proudly on to a scented spring-time plane of more harmony,

    thus even more gently getting sun-kissed, in an ardent apotheosis that perhaps sublimely more promoted the ardent fill of life in your own pupils.

    Amen. Have a great lovely laugh.

  • Sara
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    1 decade ago

    Green eyes always have that yellow band, but your eyes do not change color according to how happy you get. It more depends upon the lighting in the room and the contrast to the color of clothing you are wearing. Mostly people think your eyes are blue until they take a closer look.

    You get green eyes because one parent has brown eyes and one parent has blue, and in effect, you've got elements of both eye colors mixed together.

    All poetry aside, that is.

  • Alex
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