describe love to a 10 yr old.?

i have to write a descriptive paper on describing love to a 10 yr old but i have no idea what to write, can anyone help me with an outline?

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    First of all, this is a strange assignment, because when I was 10, i knew EVERYTHING about love, literally everything, when you know you're in love and when someone else is in love with you, how to attract girls (cause im a guy), what it feels like, EVERYTHING. So why don't you write about what i just listed? How you know when you're in love, because you can feel it...just imagine a 10 year old coming up to you and saying, "What is love like?" It's all right if you just say, "Oh, it's wonderful," or something, because you can add to that on your paper.

    Hope I helped a bit.

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    well love is different for everyone, it's basically an intense liking for something or some one. Love makes you smile.

    Love makes you happy.

    Love is all that you have after everything else is gone.

    Love is what binds families.

    Love is what makes the world go 'round.

    Without love, what's left, war? violence? hatred?

    Love is an essential part of humanity.

    I could go on for days here, but i think you get the gist.

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