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What is the best way to introduce an Oscar to a JD tank?

I am about to get an oscar and i tried about two weeks ago by just dropping the oscar in the tank with the JD and the oscar didn't last overnight so if anyone can help me PLZ do.

The JD's are 6" and 3"

I was thinking of a tank divider for a couple of months so they would get to know each other before taking it out.

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    Your trying to have some of the most territroial fish live togehter. it's probably not going to work at this size. if it had been tried when they were under four inches, it might of worked. So unless the oscar is over six inches at the time, I doubt its going to work.

    The only thing to try now is to tear the whole tank down, remove the fish and then reintroduce the fish alltogether. Or just take the fish out of the tank for about an hur or so and then introduce them all at the same time. Just be sure to get a large oscar.

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    you should get a separate tank for the oscar and wait for the oscar to be about the same size as the dempsey's. they're highly territorial and if the oscar cant fight back, he will die. if you can try buying an oscar thats just as big as your dempsey's.

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