seperating a bedroom to make it feel like two.?

right now i live in a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and 11 month old daughter. we wont be getting a two bedroom until she is about 15 months. in meantime i have been trying to figure out a way to seperate the part of the room with her crib and the part with our bed so she doesnt constantly get woken up in the moddle of the night. this happens a lot bc my boyfriend works 2nd shift. so any ideas would be great. and thanks in advance.

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    Put the crib in a corner. Get a folding floor screen for one side and hang a curtain from the celing for the other. I would imagine using the corner farthest back from the door in the room would mean she would be less disturbed when your boyfriend leaves or comes in at night. If he has to turn on the light, and makes noise getting dressed, you could also consider moving her crib to the living room, so the light and noise doesn't wake her, and have him be extra quiet while leaving/coming in.

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    Nothing temporary will help with the noise put they have cute room dividers/floor screens you could get.

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    You could buy really long sheer curtains and hang them along the ceiling.

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