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what's the philippines best known for?

i forgot =( Was it part of the Spice Islands or was it just Indonesia? What was it best known for? And what items would represent it well? (for example a shamrock could represent the Irish)

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    The Pearl of the Orient.

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    Bananas from the Philippines are well known in the country where I am at present. The brand? Del Monte.

    Next are the yellow mangoes.

    Last are the jeepneys. The multicolored ones with so many impressive painting in its body. Foreigners are amused by the sight of these.

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    The Jeepney definitely!

    Source(s): wikipedia.org
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    if the shamrock or cloverleaf represents the irish,

    then maybe the national flower sampaguita (jasmine) is for the Philippines

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Philippine "Balisong" and the Manila hemp, folder and envelope.

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    1 decade ago

    shamrock for the irish, sampaguita for the filipinos. pub for the irish, beer garden for the filipinos. we are part of southeast asia.

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    -the yellow revolution

    -boxing superstars



    -white house top executive chef

    -ice cream in a bun

    -irri (international rice research institute)

    -world famous Philippine eagle

    -talented singers

    -jeepneys / tricycle / owner type jeeps

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    natural resources: the vast lands, arable and forestlands, oil deposits, sea products like pearls, and shells.

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    Right now~ Manny Pacquiao.

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    Nurses and migrants.

    Everyone wants to get out of there.

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