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So, I hooked up with a guy my friend was interested in six months ago...?

She found out, but was mostly upset that I didn't tell her firsthand or ask her permission. My story was that I didn't really want anyone to know about me and this guy, not even her. I'm not interested in being his girlfriend or anything, but I'd still like to see him. Should I ask her permission to continue to see him at this point and see what she says? I feel like she'll probably still be irritated with me, but I thought I could give it a shot. Do you think she'll be glad I at least asked her permission to continue to see him? They were never boyfriend/girlfriend because he messed it up with her by hooking up with another girl. I realize he hasn't changed in that manner, and I'm talking to other guys as well because I don't want to get exclusive with him in the first place. I do however like the attention, and he and I are technically friends at this point.

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    Hi Weirdo,

    Are you living out your name. This guy was involved with your friend. Why would you want the attention of someone you know is not focused on any one girl. You don't need her permission it just seems that your loyalty to her should have come before your desire to get with a guy that was her friend. If you didn't want anyone to know that you were seeing him that tells me that you knew you were betraying her and other people would see it that way. Think about this. You and she are friends. He and she are broken up. You and he are hooking up. Then you and he are broken up. Then he and someone else are hooking up. You and your friend are now broken up because you thought it more important to have the attention of a guy you know is a creep and it didn't matter to you how you were making her feel. You have to remember what you do to someone else can and will happen to you someday.

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    Well, if your friend was interested in him 6 months ago, it would be logical that she'd be over him at this point in time. Especially if she knew he was with other girls. Tell your friend that you felt she was over him and didnt see that you needed her permission, but do it a considerate way. Explain to her that you and him are not exclusive, and you're just looking at options. If your friend cant handle you doing so, you'll need to decide whos more important. Your friend, or your hookup.

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    Permission? Does she own him or something!?

    Just tell her you are sorry you didn't tell her in the first place and you are going to continue to see him, but you do not want to have an exclusive relationship with him.

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