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Tack Trunks? Anybody know where to get them?

So my cousin is boarding her horse at a place where theres not much space in the tack room, and her barn manager said she should get a tack trunk, anyone know where to get them???

Thanks, she asked me and i had no idea :P

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    you can get them from dover saddlery online, but tack trunks are waaaaaay overpriced! Recommend just getting a huge "tool" chest that rolls from lowes, home depot, or walmart! If you know someone who can build a wooden one, that is an option too. Otherwise, she'll be payin $500 for a large plastic or wooden box...not kidding.


    Now, here is a "storage bin" from lowe's See how much cheaper it is when it isn't an "equestrian" item? People overprice horse stuff cause we let them get away with it.

    now that your cousin can look online at Dover to see what tack trunks look like, she can wanderthe aisles of Lowes, Home Depot, or Wal-mart for a "tack trunk" that is like 1/6th the price!!!

    Source(s): I bought my "tack trunk" at lowes, and it is awesome!
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    Plastic Tack Box

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    Home Depot

    Local tack shop

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    just got a new one... from walmart. paid 46 bucks for it. black storage bin. same size as a tack trunk, sturdy, you can sit on it, throw crap in it, it's not ugly. i got my old trunk when i was at a fancy barn in college. most of the people had the exact same thing i had. horsie items are way overpriced. if it is just a space issue consider going that route than a very pricy trunk that she may not need forever.

    * my old "tack" trunk/ storage bin was 6 years old, but sadly died during a tornado, so had to be replaced. typically they are very hard to distroy... unless high winds blow them into a tree...

    Source(s): i've owned 2
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    I use two metal camp trunks for storing tack and blankets. Although mine have lost theirs, they come with top trays that have compartments for smaller stuff. Suppose I could make a new one but like others... find using plastic containers is more efficient and cheaper. You can get sizes to fit whatever you need to store.

  • 1 decade ago get the plastic one the wood one is expensive.

    or do like I did,and make one. its just a box with hinges. I used 1"x5.5" by 12' long red cedar decking from Menards, needed 10 of those boards to make a over sized one thats 36.5inches tall, there's 1 footers on bottom so the real box is 35.5" tall 24"wide and 40" long. I have a sliding tray inside and a saddle bar to hold a english saddle. spent with hardware all in brass including a locking hasp 120 bucks. and 28 hours of work. but you can only make one if you have a radial arm sawor a table saw in a pinch. with out the radial arm saw I'd have been toast. and I had no prior wood working experiance other then a bookshelf in shop class in 7th grade, which the boys cut the wood...ah...the most useful boys in shop class.

    on the real cheep. walmart, big plastic tote on wheels.

    Source(s): I just made a tack trunk outta cedar decking with no previous woodworking experiance other then sanding and varnishing a bookshelf in shop class, roughly 16 years prior. also work at walmart so I know about the cheep rolling totes, which I use as handy grain bins. I buy just about everything from because they are awesome and have good prices. except on wood tack trunks. seriously I spent 120 bucks and my time, they want over 800 for theirs.
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    Yeah, you can order them offline. Or just go to your local tack store and they should have them there. If not, then the only option is to order them. Or as the person below said, make one. If you make it on your own then you can change up the size and all that good stuff :)

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    tack store

    or make one

    my first trunk was a foot locker from k mart.

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