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Feeding question for 5 month old?

My son will be 5 months old Sunday. He weighs around 17 lbs. He eats one container of baby food (the first foods) every night. He takes around an 8 oz bottle about an hour/hour and a half later. That's it for the night. He squealed last night and tonight when he realized he was done with the container. Should I start giving him more baby food? Right now we are still on vegetables. He's tried almost all of them. And when I introduce fruits, do I still give him one container of vegetables and then fruit, or do I only give fruit for a while? It seems like if I took veggies away he would get used to the fruit and only want that. Anyway, I'm just not sure if I should be feeding him more right now or not? Thanks in advance.


He has rice cereal in his bottle at night. He has eaten rice cereal from a spoon mixed with formula also.

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    Once they are used to a certain group of foods you can start on others and always incorporate the veggies....try some fruits, then give him some veggies afterward, or do the opposite. Babies will stop eating when they are full, and maybe his appetite is growing. Definitely start the fruits that way he has even more of a selection to eat from....After starting veggies with mine, I just started feeding the mixed dinners to her so that she could get a little meat with her diet, and she loved them!!!! And in the morning she gets oatmeal with cinnamon or strawberry or any of the flavored apple sauces you can by in the store.

    Good Luck!!!

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    well...usually the doctors tell you not to feed your child food 'till they are 6 months old.

    However, if you are like most moms (including me) they just don't seem like they can wait 'till they are 6 months old to start eating food. If your son wants to eat more, let him. and yes you continue to give him vegetables and add fruit. They will let you know when they don't want anymore food. Either they will spit it out or refuse to eat it.

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