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If runaway cats do return, is it usually at night or day?

My 9-year-old spayed indoor cat got out about 2 weeks ago. We have distributed fliers, contacted shelters and the police station (Vets are next on our list). I stress out that she may return and I won't be there. Do cats usually come back at night or during the day?

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    I would try and walk around and call for her name at dark. That's when there's no kids in the street and hardly any cars. She's probably terrified and scared with all the ruckus. That way at night it's quiet and if she does hear you she will come out. Good luck I hope you find her!!

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    I've had cats missing that return during day or night. Although you have contacted your local shelters, make sure you visit it as well. Even if you file a report and send photo, they won't search through their cats and call you with a match, you need to check yourself (although it might be different if micro-chipped)

    Good luck, I know it must be a hard wait!!

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    any time . if its your cat put some food out for it . the cat will as all cats do walk around at night but you may find the cat sleeping on your doorstep one morning . hope your cat comes back .

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