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What is a good breed of puppy?

What is a good puppy breed for a 11 year-old girl? There are two adults, 2 teenagers, 1 dog, and 1 cat. The dog is a 6 year old male boxer bull, (mixed between a boxer and a pit bull) He would never hurt a puppy, and we already know that because we fostered and energetic one, but she found a home. The cat is 15 years old and probably cant deal with a puppy that likes to nip a cat! We just got back into school, so I need to know when a good time would be to get one. (Thanksgiving break, winter break, etc.) I live in Texas, and would be willing to drive a little north of Houston. My family is currently in "saving mode", but were not poor or anything. Though I would like a dog that does not have many health issues. I kind of would like a dog That is as big as a pit-bull. (I'm not afraid of them) Please, if you know any places were you don't have to pay a huge adoption fee, tell me!

But please don't just say, "A mixie is good, you should get one." I want to know where to find a nice puppy, as well as a breed. I'm sorry that I am so specific! Thanks if you answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    if you want a pure breed that is well-bred (no health problems or temperament problems), you're going to need to buy from a reputable breeder, which will probably be expensive. my favorite pure breed is the bichon! they're small (grow to be around 15 pounds), adorable, not yappy, and great with kids. they don't need a whole lot of exercise and are pretty low energy, except there is something called a "bichon buzz" where they run around like crazy for 30 seconds and then they're calm again. it's hilarious. they're very smart and easy to teach tricks. some are hard to housebreak, but i had no problem with mine. i crate trained him. they don't shed, so they need to be brushed everyday and professionally clipped about every 2 months. they're adorable and the sweetest breed i've met :)

    if you can't afford to spend at least $600 on a purebred puppy, then you can rescue a dog. has many puppies all over the country, some pure breed and some not. the adoption fee of these dogs will be much less than from a breeder. probably around $250.

    I recommend either getting a puppy at thanksgiving break (but i don't think you'll be able to find one by then), or waiting until Easter break if you can, because a lot of dogs don't like to go potty outside when there's snow on the ground, which will make house training more difficult. also, christmas is a busy time, and with all of the people around, you may overwhelm a small puppy.

    also, please DO NOT buy a puppy from a pet store. most of these dogs come from puppy mills, and they will most likely have many health and temperament problems.

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    i would get a cavalier king charles spaniel.

    they are docile, sweet-natured, not bossy at all, and they won't bother the cat.

    they are smaller than a pit-bull, but they're not tiny.

    plus, they are adorable. my mom has two, with another dog & some cats, and they're fine with them.

    I would get the puppy over the winter break, but well before christmas so it is settled in by the time the noisy celebrations start.

    sorry, i don't know anywhere in texas.

    They'd be perfect for an 11 year old girl.

    but get a girl, so there's no conflicts with your boxer bull!

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    Well if u were getting a bigger dog and not a lap dog the lab puppy is the BEST dog u can get-- they are VERY friendly and are more loving than some other breeds.I have one and we dont take her to the vet a lot and petsmart has great prices and here in Corpus Christi they bring in new puppies every week and there are labs a lot!! and when they bring them to petsmart the dogs already have their shots and puppies are $50-100 i have a lab and she is well behaved and GREAT!!! get a lab!!!! (im 11 so if ur looking 4 a dog for an 11 year old girl talk to and 11 year old for experiance!!! :-) )

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    well for a breed of puppy. i am a big fan of mini australian shepherd i have two of them and they get along with my boxer and my basset hound mix. mini australian shepherd are very loyality and they believe they are kids too. mine are about 13 months old. and my boxer is my only girl she is going on 5 months and basset hound mix is about 4 month and let me not forget my tiny dog his is mix with terrier but they are all great breed of dogs. mini aussie are easy to train and mine love kids when my cousins come over age 7, 11 and 16 years old boy. for the boxer she is very energetic one she is my hyper dog she just want to play alot. i hope you decide among these types of breed good luck

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    Animal shelters charge from $50-$250 for a dog. You should browse and see what kind of dogs your local shelter or spca has. I'm sure they'll have the size dog your looking for.

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    Try It sounds like you have alot of options. I say Boxer but I am preferential. They are great with kids and fit your characteristics you are looking for. Good luck with your search.

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    Maybe u should take them with u and pick as a family.. Me myself I have to say Pits

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    I think you should get a maltipoo. I hav one and hes really cute and you should ge ta white one theyre cuter that way.

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    i think the cutest little puppy is a havanese /yokie .. it is so cute.. but if you want a big dog dont get it..

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    school break would be nice

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