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Which answers annoy you the most?

We all receive weird and sometimes rude answers, but which scenario do you find the most annoying/irritating?

a) When the answer is derogatory

b) When the answer says only 'answer mine' plus a link

c) When the answer has nothing to do with the question (example: 'I like cheese')

d) When the answerer insults you (example: You're a freak for doing that,' 'You're not really a parent,' 'I hope your kids die,' etc)

e) When the answerer tries to change your point of view in a lecture/essay-type answer

f) When the answerer misreads the question and starts ranting about something else (example: the question asks 'do you think spanking is acceptable' and the answer is '(insert asker's name here), you're such a bad parent for beating your kid with a wooden spoon')

g) When a kid answers and says we know nothing about being a kid (or someone who is male saying you have no idea what being a male is like, no idea what being jewish is like etc)

Or some other type of strange answer?

Also, what's the weirdest answer you've ever gotten?

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    This girl, Michelle, wanted advice for leaving an abusive relationship. She was misreading the murder stats, so I told her so because I felt she was scaring herself. Well, she's been following me and harassing me, when I ask or even answer a question, she tells me I'm a liar and didn't get a 4.0 in college, which I did, and I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, or why she is so angry with me. So I guess what I'm saying is an answer that has absolutely nothing to do with the question.

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    I would have to go with F...It annoys me when people dont even read questions and provide an answer just based on the headline....

    I havent really gotten any strange answers.....Other than the person(troll though so i didnt take it too seriously) who answered my question about my sons swallowing issues telling me i should have breastfed....i was like ya cause that totally would have fixed a malformation in his throat.......I found it weird....

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    Those are true but I get most frustrated when people are CLEARLY asking silly questions to get a stir in people, and the people respond with long serious answers. Some even get all upset and frustrated. Can't they see the question is a joke?!?! If you are going to respond, do it with a witty answer. Don't let it wind you up because that's what they want.

    aNd I HaTE wHEn PeOplE TyPe liKE This! Or when they can't spell. I also hate long answers with no punctuation.

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    For questions I ask...D. I immediately lose any interest in the rest of a person's answer when they start with, "What a stupid question..."

    For other people's questions...All of the above. (But can't be too hard on choice F. Sometimes I misread and go off on a tangent too.)

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    e) When the answerer tries to change your point of view in a lecture/essay-type answer

    I hate this one the most i already have a view on a point that i am asking and only wanted to know what other people thought.

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    I am most annoyed when the answerer misreads or doesn't read my question in full.

    It does make me want to improve the titles of my questions and the clarity of my writing, though.

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    defibnatly when they are insulting you bc they know what the are saying. the people who answer the question all wrong generally dont know they are. but the ones insulting you are doing just to insult you.

  • I like cake.

    Hehe jk... I hate when someone clearly didn't pass english class and there's tons of bad grammar. Not saying they have to be perfect, but some are just terrible.

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    You know what I just love? When I ask a question and say "I do not do _____ or I'm not _______" and someone gives me answer saying "Well, actually.. yes you are and blablablablabla"

    Cuz they KNOW me so well, of course. *rolls eyes*

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    The oddest answer I have ever received:.

    To be honest, I have not gotton one yet! I'm sure there were plenty on my other account, but now that it was suspended, I have none yet!

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