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im up for any advice or changes?

this is my routine:

monday: biceps & back

tuesday: chest & triceps

wednesday: shoulders & traps

Thursday: biceps back

Friday: rest

Saturday: chest& triceps

Sunday: rest

* dont worry i do legs and abs.

Is this overtraining? If so what are some good changes to be made?

Yes i do legs on alternate days. my goals are to be stronger and i wouldn't mind growing some muscle with it too. i am currently 140lbs ( used to be 115lbs). im a 16 male.

this question is a stem from this question:;_ylt=At5rR...

ricky m i dont mind a little change.

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    Your first day is your freshest make sure you do the muscle group you would most like to improve on this day.

    Instead of doing muscle groups twice a week focus more on doing them once and try some interval training instead.

    'Remember nutrition first.


    Also make sure you have at least 1 rest day.

    Source(s): PErsonal trainer.
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