Is it possible to mesh Buddhism and...?

Paganism? If so which types would it work with?


Well, what I really meant wasn't if you could mesh them, but if you could practice both, keep them pretty seperate most of the time, but still practice both.

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    Yes. Any and all. Buddhism is as much (if not more) a methodology than it is a religion. Buddha did not claim any special, unique divinity and did not want to be worshipped. He laid out four noble truths and an eightfold path (in truth #4) that can lead a person out of "suffering" (suffering being used in a specific way; comfortably materialistic people are suffering as much as people in deprivation). Matters concerning metaphysical speculations, what lies beyond the world of our experiences (other than that it will all be, in one sense, illusion, until we realize that all is one and the same), are left up to groups or individuals. Thus Tibetan Buddhism is rather theistic, peopled by many different emanations we in the west might call Gods, while Zen Buddhism is sparsely minimalistic with regards to the spirit world. And there are schools and individuals everywhere on the spectrum inbetween.

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    It's possible to mesh any religion, but of course then it would be something completely new and shouldn't be called by the names of the source religions.

    Much of Buddhism is of a philosophical nature, from what I know of it. So you could probably practice a Buddhist like philosophy in most Pagan religions, probably Wicca would be your best bet there.

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    As much as eastern though has impacted neo-Paganism and perhaps even early Druid thought and practice, I'd say yes.

    Buddhism is like potatoes or rice, it goes with nearly anything.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, it is possible to mesh Buddhism with Paganism, and it would be with Confucianism &/or Taoism.

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    Yes, would work very well with Hinduism and Paganism as they follow similar concepts of peace, tolerance and karma. Not with the Abrahamic ones as they have a lot of violence and silly stories that don't work with Buddhists

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    some mesh it with Judaism and it's called Jubus but they don't like being called that. You could just search around and find out what suit your beliefs best.

    Source(s): Happy Hunting. May Buddha guide you on your path.
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    Buddhism can benefit anyone of any stripe; one can utilize the Dharma while being secular or of any religion.

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    Yes, its called modern shinto.

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