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Any movies about a younger girl dating an older guy?

like movies about teen life. they can be newer or talking about like a 15 year old dating a 20-30year old so is there any movies you can think of that are good?

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    twilight, aahaha xD

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    The only movie that comes to mind with anything remotely like that is Lolita. It's a messed up movie. Any 20-30 year old who dates a 15 year old should be shot.

  • Niner
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    Jerry Lee Lewis, an American entertainer, married his 13-year-old first cousin when he was 23. That is briefly covered in the movie Great Balls of Fire. It's not really dating, per se. Like p2000camaro says, it's messed up.

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    Lolita. Natasha Kinsky was quite young when she starred in that film, and the older director, Roman Polanski, was actually dating her at the time. From the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Leave it to the Russians....

    There is also that abomination of a film called "Raghead." It's disturbing on so many different levels, I just don't have the words.

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    Jane Eyre. It's a really good book and I'm pretty sure it was turned into a movie at some point.

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    "Pedophile on the road to tomorrow" was a good one and if you don't like that one, "Never too old for some good dirty fun-the story of mud baths" was an instant classic

    No, I don't know any, sorry.

  • DUDE im so mad at myself. i swear theres a movie like jst like thattt its from like 90s maybe. it has some weird name and had alot of contriversy .. brb im gunna search around and then edit if i find the name


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