HP or Toshiba Laptop?

Hey im trying to decide between:

HP DV4-1454CA



Toshiba M500-01C


I'll be using it for all rounded purposes, but mostly school. - Thanks.

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    For the same price and better specs, I'd say go with the Toshiba.

    I'm from SE Asia and had a plain GUH experience with HP.

    Somehow my HP gets to be a brick at least 1/2 year of the initial 1 year warranty.

    Had 2 HP high ended Pavilion model notebooks. One had Motherboard failure after 18-20 months, and then it got snatched theft away >_<;;

    Another (The forsaken tablet Tx1000 series) had overheating, hard drive failure and complete processor+graphic processor fry out after 16 months, in a time frame of 1-2 months in stages.

    HP are typically on a higher priced pedestals but with same specs of a lower priced pcs such as Acer,Dell and toshiba.

    They look prettier and their sound systems are full blastedly good but from my before warranty expired experience its an overall ok product. But lo behold after warranty..

    I didnt wait to try out a third HP laptop for a statistical averaged out opinion, I bought a Toshiba Satellite L510 (Same processing speed +4gb ram) just a week ago. ^_^

    Overall its doing so much better, it ironically have a similar color scheme/etchings like the old TX1000.. XD;;; I'm crossing my fingers on it.


    Toshiba has this cooling technology to prevent overheating plus a HDD failure detection software + HDD shock absorbers +detection system and a 2 years warranty.

    HP is pretty much bare on its own, no temp software, HDD absorber etc.

    Im running on Intel processor+Intel graphic card so the overall temp of the Toshiba laptop is 38-49 degree celcius as compared to my HP AMD+NVidia heat of 60-75 celcius degree.

    A word of advice, NEVER pair AMD and NVidia processors if you aren't boiling any eggs on your laptop.

    Sound system wise, I found the Toshiba speakers clear and sweet but on a rather low speaker range then the HP. (The old tablet had an altec lansing speakers but there wasnt any spec on the other HP pavillion I had, but it was also one of the best Ive heard.)

    If you are a music fan, you won't get wall shaking loudness from Toshiba, that I'm sure of, but it had the HP clarity and is comparabally less warbled and mechanical sounding then a Dell or Acer. (My dad had a Dell and my sis, an Acer)

    Graphics,screen size etc its pretty much depends on your spec. My previous HP was the old matte lcd so I can't say much on the current HP's. ^^;;

    Built wise, I have to inform you that Toshiba now is now made in China or the Philliphines, some parts are made in Japan like its HDD (From Mitsubishi) so it depends on the model. HP is also made in China with a Fujitsu HDD.

    Overall I think HP is just all for aesthethics but Toshiba its pretty ruggedly ok from other reviews online+I'm hoping for the best for my 1 wk old lappie too so I can't say much. XDDD

    I'm a final year graduate too so drop me a line if you need more info. ^_^

    Happy shopping!



    Source(s): 4 years experiance with 2 HP laptops, 1 toshiba, and relatives 1 Dell,1 acer laptop.
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    4 years ago

    Toshiba followers go undesirable immediately , i'm hoping they restoration that difficulty, besides that they are stable laptops , i see no longer something incorrect with hp different than in the previous saved having bsod examined out the extra moderen hp laptops no issues so a ways specifically the dv series , save domicile windows 7 if going with Hp , domicile windows 8 is okay yet domicile windows 7 is great for gaming

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    Bad experience with HP products, what with crashes, blue screens of death, other random errors and whatnot, so I would go with the Toshiba. Currently have a Toshiba laptop and it's holding strong.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would go with the Toshiba. Toshiba's are better for schoolwork but HP's are normally cheaper. The Toshiba would be MY choice

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